Dale Alcock - Thought Leader and Industry Spokesperson

Given his vast construction industry experience over three decades, it’s no surprise that Dale is often asked to provide expert media commentary on a wide range of topics. Below is a list of the most common subject matter requests.

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Property predictions + performance

  • Financial security through property
  • Finger firmly on the property market pulse in WA and Victoria, clear insight into how these property markets are performing
  • Impact of interest rate changes on average family and also on housing market
  • Future population trends in both WA and Victoria and what this means for the housing market

Perth – Where to from here?

  • What is the future vision for Perth? Dale firmly believes that Perth needs progress. 
  • He’s familiar with the Department of Planning’s Directions 2031 report.
  • Can Perth be the city we want it to be? What is the future for our foreshore and ocean/beachside developments?
  • Has the average size of homes in WA peaked? What is the ever-increasing choice of home shapes and sizes doing for the State’s housing market?

Future housing trends

  • Parent Assist: how parent can help their kids get into the property market
  • Intergenerational housing
  • Ageing at home
  • Homes are getting smaller
  • Accessing your superannuation
  • Innovative homes - what’s hot in housing and what do future trends look like?
  • What’s the health of our housing market? What’s the thinking on interest rate changes this year and next?
  • What are the pros and cons of new homes verses established homes?
  • Is it best to move or improve? Why are home improvements and renovations booming? And what are the pros and cons?

Investing in the next generation

  • The importance of training and apprentices – why aren’t more building companies looking after the future tradespeople of the industry?

The housing industry – current issues

  • What can be done about the increasing red tape involved with approvals? Are the regulations strangling the construction industry?
  • And how can safety be prioritised in a cost-effective and efficient way?

Housing approvals and finance – why is the bureaucratic approvals process so cumbersome?

  • What’s the solution to our land shortage? And what’s the point of land where no one wants to live or there’s no infrastructure?

Generational change

  • Intergenerational housing
  • What will baby boomers and retirees want for their new home?
  • How do we keep the dream of home ownership alive for the Y generation? 

WA's skills shortage

  • What’s the current situation with our skills shortage?


There are many successful business people in Perth – but are they philanthropic? This is a subject close to Dale’s heart. The ABN Foundation was launched in 2006 and has since donated over $6.9million to charity.

Media contact

Please call communications manager Robyn Preston on 9200 4526 follow Dale on Twitter or fill out Dale's media form below.

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